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The Mountain Doesn’t Care!


Back my early days of flying hang gliders I adopted a saying, “The mountain doesn’t care”, after a friend of mine crashed his glider and almost died. He had been flying for years and was beginning to feel invincible. He tried to launch off the mountain with a tailwind, which is nearly impossible. He went into an immediate stall and crashed on the side of the mountain. He had to be airlifted off the mountain and fortunately he survived, at the cost of sustaining severe injuries.
“The mountain doesn’t care.” It’s a mountain and there are certain laws you must follow to fly safely. Each pilot gets treated equally by the mountain. Continue reading


As cliché as it sounds, you will not pay the price until you have belief at a level of knowing. You won’t risk the time, money or ridicule until you no longer have doubt. In the early 1900’s if you asked 1000 people, “Is it possible to fly?” how many would say, “yes!” Probably two and they would be hauled off in straight-jackets! Today, if you asked 1000 people “is it possible to fly?” only about two would say it’s not possible and THEY would be considered crazy! Yet between 1900 and 1903, Orville and Wilbur decided it was possible. If you have seen the films, you know that they risked DEATH and WORLD-WIDE RIDICULE! But because they knew it was possible, they were willing to take the chances. If they did not believe it, they would not have done the work!

When I ask the question, “Why don’t more people make $100,000 per month in network marketing?”, the answer is simple and clear. Most people don’t believe it’s possible so they don’t do the work. It’s not as simple as just trying it for a couple of years. Look what the Wright brothers went through! Interestingly, millions of people have made $100,000 a month in our modern society (it’s only $1.2 million per year). Yet, if you ask 1000 people “Is it possible to make $100,000 a month?” only about 20 or 30 will say yes. Then, if followed up with the question, “Is it possible for YOU to make $100,000 a month?”, only about 2 out of 1000 will say yes. Therein lies the problem. This is the #1 reason why more people don’t do it. How can you attract others when you don’t believe it yourself? 


1. Be the strongest example of a “builder” in your organization. You set the pace. Your people will do what you do.

2. You really will never get your people to work. You’ll want to find the right people, get them started, then see them at the events! If they are your friends, just stay in touch.

3. Events are the only thing I have ever seen that will keep people from quitting the business. If you are not there, there is a good chance your team will not be there. Be there and encourage your team to be there. It’s your best shot at success.

To this day, I have NEVER met a leader in MLM that can get their people to work and not quit. I have seen people at all levels quit for a variety of reasons. People quit things and a few see the job through. All you can do is be what you want your organization to become. Set the example and stay the course.

Stop Being Normal!

The reason you are here is because you are DONE being normal. Normal is boring. Normal people are broke. Normal gets you poor results in terms of financial growth and personal satisfaction. Normal people struggle to pay their bills. Normal people have lots of debt that burdens them throughout their entire lifetime. Normal people are un-inspired and are living weekend to weekend. Normal people dread Mondays and live for Fridays. Normal people complain about their lives. We (in Network Marketing) get to live extraordinary lives. We are striving to make a difference in the world. We are on a journey of personal growth. We have a chance to travel to all the corners of the earth and bring a message of hope to people of many cultures and backgrounds. We can get excited about being part of a business model that offers unlimited possibilities for financial success.

Let’s take a look at what normal people do. Normal people watch 4-6 hours of TV per day. Most people say, “Oh, I don’t watch that much TV”. Well, someone is watching TV because the advertisers are still advertising and paying 10’s of thousands of dollars per minute. Normal people spend 1-2 hours PER DAY in rush-hour traffic. It has been suggested that network marketing is a cult. Network marketing is no more a cult than a job is a cult. If I have a choice to be brainwashed to offer something to people that will make their lives better or be brainwashed to; get up at 5:30am to an alarm clock (that un-naturally and violently jerks you out of bed) then, with glazed-over eyes, jump into my car with my coffee to creep along in 2 mph rush-hour traffic for an hour, for 40 hours of my week for 40 years with people that I typically don’t want to be around, causing me to complain about it year in a year out, all so I can scrape by with no prospect of every really getting ahead, I’ll join the network marketing cult!

When I was in my early 20’s I decided that normal wasn’t for me. When I got ridiculed or mocked, I said to myself, “it’s okay. You’re normal. I don’t want to be like you”. I watched the people around me at work (at the State of AZ, The City of Phoenix and then America West Airlines) and I said to myself, “If I don’t get out of this prison, I will die a slow death”. My co-workers (most of them) were numb to the agony they had been experiencing for years. It’s a slow lobotomy that very quietly eats away at your spirit. In most cases it kills whatever drive you had to grow and contribute. Now I know, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s interesting to notice how many people complain about how much they hate their boss or their job. I also find it interesting how many people complain about not having enough money or not enough time to spend doing the the things they want to do. The negativity that permeates a typical working environment destroys the human spirit over time.

I don’t get mocked too much any more, although I know there are some people that do. Most of the people that mock me are people that are stuck, looking for someone else to blame. Network Marketing simply offers an opportunity. I do know this; if one person can do it, then many more can do it too. That’s the premise of our business. If one can do it, then others can do it too. I know that if I can achieve this level of success, the opportunity exists for you to do it as well. This is the REASON I was able to “break-out” in my last company. I saw others that had done it and I said to myself, “If they can do it, I can do it”. That’s how it all starts. I have never met a single person that made it big and said. “Yeah, that’s good for him, but I could never do the same thing!” There are MILLIONS of people that have never heard of SendOutCards and it is the perfect thing they need! Our job is to get to them and show them what we are doing.

Stop being normal. Step out of the status quo. It’s okay to buck the system and be different. We are different. We are not normal. Our chosen line of work challenges the status quo. It’s a better way of doing business. It’s more fun. It’s more rewarding. It has unlimited potential for growth. It doesn’t require expensive degrees. Yes, it’s non-conventional and as a result, MOST people don’t get it. That’s built in. It’s okay. Don’t fight that. Do your best to educate and find the ones that are ready. The REASON for our opportunity is because MOST people don’t see it. As soon as everyone sees it the opportunity is over. Be thankful that only a few get it. It buys us time. Would you rather have 5,000 people on your team once everyone else figures it out, or would you rather have 10 people on your team. Do you see why it’s better that most people don’t see it right away. Be thankful that we are in a line of work that is not normal (most people don’t get what we do). That’s a good thing! You must be bold and step out to FIND those that see it the way we do. Get really good at sorting for the right ones. If you don’t find them, someone else will. (I would rather it be you!)

Put it on the Calendar!

I get asked all the time, “Jordan if there is one thing, one piece of advice you could give me, what would it be?” I’ve been thinking about the best answer to this question for a long time. I finally figured it out. This one thing will completely transform your life and your business. It’s the key to having the “Success Factory” you are looking for.

Leave nothing to chance. Don’t wing it. Be deliberate about setting up a time for the things you want to “make real” in your life. If you are serious about building a successful business, this is the #1 key thing that will do it. In fact, I can specifically look back and see when everything changed for me in 1992. I started scheduling things ON MY CALENDAR. Of course things get moved and changed and you’ll even have cancellations and no shows from time to time, but an appointment is a commitment between you and another person. It advances your relationship. Appointments make things happen. CONSIDER THAT ITS NOT EVEN REAL UNTIL IT’S SCHEDULED!

I had been PLANNING a trip to the Virgin Islands for 10 years but until I scheduled it, I never went. It turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I have been WISHING I could fly a helicopter since I was a kid but until I called and set up an appointment, it remained a wish.

Here are the things you want to schedule consistently:

CONVENTION – Schedule it!
1. Schedule when you are going to book your flights.
2. Schedule when you are going to buy your tickets.
3. Schedule when you are going to book your hotel room.

DREAMS – Schedule them!

1. When (exact date) are you going to take that dream trip?
2. Schedule the date.
3. Schedule when you are going to make your air reservations.
4. Schedule when you are going to book the package.

Once you put it on the calendar, miracles begin to happen. You will find the resources for things to happen once you commit to it.

YOUR BUSINESS – Schedule Appointments and Meetings.

1. Schedule one-on-ones.
2. Schedule two-on-ones (with your distributors).
3. Schedule home parties (for yourself and your team).
4. Schedule business presentations.

Put it on the calendar and miracles will begin to happen!

I look for opportunities to book phone calls and meetings with my distributors
on a regular basis and I PUT THEM ON MY CALENDAR. (One of the reasons why my calendar is so full!) This is a critical behavior for having the “Success Factory” you desire.


1. Make appointments with people that can help you get your dreams.
2. Ask yourself “Who do I need to meet to make this happen?”
3. Call them and get an appointment on the calendar to meet with them.

Dreams will never come true if you just wish for them. A wish is just a puff of smoke until you schedule it. Put it down in writing on your calendar.

Scheduling appointments is the most powerful, destiny fulfilling action you can take to achieve all that you are looking for.

Remember, nothing happens until it is scheduled. Here are some feelings you may have before scheduling things:

Fear that you won’t come up with the money.
Fear that they might not be interested.
Fear that you may not know what to say.
Fear that something may get in the way of the commitment.

REALITY CHECK: You will not get the things you want until you schedule them on your calendar.

I’m not real confident at this point that I can learn to fly a helicopter. Fear was keeping me from scheduling the lessons. I started coming up with all kinds of reasons why I shouldn’t commit. My schedule is to busy. What if I can’t do it? There are other things more important to spend the money on. Blah. Blah. Blah.

However, one thing I know for sure. NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL IT GOES ON MY CALENDAR. Tomorrow at 10am I am heading down to the helicopter school to get going. (I’m dropping $15,000 to pay for all the lessons up front). I’m making a major commitment here. Last night it was still just a wish. This morning it is real because its now booked!!

So, what’s more important? Are you going to let your DREAMS win or are you going to let your FEARS win? Do you want to live your dreams or wallow in your fears for the rest of your life. You have all the power to make things happen. Set the appointment on your calendar.

THE SOLUTION IS RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE. Put it on your calendar. Schedule the appointment.

All your dreams will begin to come true once you start scheduling the basic simple daily activities that move you closer to your dreams.

Start using phrases like:

“Let’s get you on the calendar.”
“I’d like to set up a time for us to talk.”
“When can we set aside 30 minutes to go through this.”
“We need to block out a few minutes to go over some things.”

What I am talking about is a small thing that will yield HUGE results. It’s a minor shift that will change everything for you. If you already do it and it’s not going fast enough, then do more of it and do it WITH your team. Get them to commit by SCHEDULING PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES WITH THEM.

Schedule a workshop.
Schedule a walk through.
Schedule a tour of something you have been dreaming about.
Book a trip.
Schedule a time to test drive the car.
Set up a 3 way call at a specific time.
Set up an opportunity meeting with your team.

When you talk to someone say, “let’s set something up. When can we get together to visit for a few minutes?”

This has been, by far, the most powerful skill for manifesting my dreams than anything else. It’s within your reach to do the same thing. If you already do it and you are not happy with your results, then you must do more of it (or start doing it again if you have stopped) and you must involve your team. You commit with them and work with them AS A TEAM to make things happen.

Stop thinking about it and start scheduling it! Put it in writing on your calendar and then follow through on your commitments to yourself.

“No Money”.

When I signed up EVERYONE said there was “no money” in it. I saw the money and proved that there was. Many others signed up, because they saw money in it too. Then, when some of them didn’t make money, they had proof that there was “no money” in it and they even told others that. Death sentence for them. I proved that there is money in it and they proved that there is not. The truth is, there is “no money” in any program. Money comes along as a result of leadership and the legitimate customer volume you create through the distributors in your organization. As soon as you treat it like a lottery, it becomes a pyramid. You CREATE your future. Your business lives and dies by your hand. Any company that promises money or success because you signed up, is a lottery. The fact is; there is no money in every program and there is a fortune in every program. You choose.

A Letter From a Friend

This is an email from a dear friend of mine, Janalea Rengifo.


I recently wrote an email to a close friend of mine.  We used to be roommates.  She was a customer of mine, & after years of seeing me pay all my bills without having a job, she cautiously decided to join the business as a distributor last summer.

See, I have been a ‘retired’ distributor for the majority of the last 5 years.  I was a twenty-something girl, having a rough time in my life.. actually the roughest time of my life– and my residuals from my business kept me afloat through my darkest hours.

I am clear I missed out on an incredible opportunity by NOT building my business over these last 5 years, but my business has been there for me anyway, my residuals growing without fail year after year, and I am eternally grateful that our company exists. 

You see, when the founder of our company had us look at our MLM Blueprint at the training event last month, I realized that I was blessed with an extremely positive entrepreneurial mindset- a solid MLM Blueprint- from a very young age.  I did not grow up with money, I didn’t particularly know of any Jordan Adler’s.  But I grew up inquisitive & curious, open minded & trusting of my own intuition & instincts, and what little exposure to Network Marketing I had in my early years was positive. (I could write a whole other email on that!)

Conversely, I suppose I had a rather negative Job Blueprint- watching my mother leave for ‘a good job’ at 530 in the morning, return late in the evening, & still struggle to make ends meet.

Anyway, here I am, a ‘retired’ Network Marketer living off of my residuals, searching for the meaning of life & all of that…  In truth, I attended the training event more to see my friends & all the amazing people involved with this company that I love.  And like many of you I suspect- I was taken by surprise with the fire that got lit under my metaphorical butt.  Yes, I am out of retirement!

Now, back to my good friend.  She has never been her own boss, instead she has worked hard all her life & has always been a huge asset to her employers.  It’s easy for her to work hard.  I have watched her do it through the years with amazement.  But I have also watched her frustration at never being able to really get ahead of the curve.. working hard for that year end bonus.  Staying in a job she no longer enjoys for years because of the promise of stock options.  Having dreams & goals and hoping to someday have the time and extra money to go after them.

So last summer she cautiously decided to upgrade from a wholesale customer to a distributor.  She is an extremely hard worker, but seems to come from a more traditional ‘job’ mindset.  Strong & positive JOB Blueprint, small & somewhat skeptical MLM Blueprint.  But she loves our product.  She knows me, she knows Jordan.  She knows the money we are making is real, & she knows we are not ‘scam artists’.

Yet the concept of paying a few hundred bucks to sign up as a rep is pretty foreign to her, something she is skeptical & wary of.  It took her a long time to decide to upgrade as a distributor, & not much happened after that.  But finding a way out of the rat race is one of her goals, & she’s ambitious… She even just decided to go back to school full time to get her business degree.  She is an amazing woman.

I know that she has almost everything it takes to be massively successful at building a Network Marketing business.  She knows how to work hard at a job, at school.  All that’s stopping her is her Mindset.  After that it’s only a matter of a little practice– building that muscle of working for yourself, not someone else.

I get an attitude when people question the value of buying a network marketing distributorship.  But I got even a little more for my dear friend, who has SEEN firsthand that value in this business.  I wrote her this email late one night, & Jordan thought it would be worth sharing:

OK, We gotta expand your mind a little in terms of value w/this thing compared to any other business opportunity.  This is a REAL business opportunity.  Something to be proud of, not shy about.  Something that you can be profitable your 1st month- vs YEARS before profitability with many, MOST business opportunities.

If you want to start any business, usually it is thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) in start up costs, lawyers fees, employee costs, insurance, you name it- & there is no one to blame or get support from if the market turns, or you make a costly mistake or have a fire or a break in.  My dad dealt with all of this & both he and my stepmom worked probably 50-80hrs/week EACH for 20yrs.  They ran & owned a successful restaurant for those 20 years (& never had vacation time)… & I bet they never netted what my check was last month after all their costs & paying their employees.

To buy into a franchise it is typically no less than $100k for smaller ones.. closer to a million for a McDonald’s… That is simply to have the RIGHT to put their Brand Name on it, the right to buy all that Brand’s materials & products.  Then you gotta pay for the building, employees, & everything else on top of that.  You are lucky even with a McDonald’s to see an ounce of profit in 5yrs- working very much full time.

Real estate- you pay lots of money just so you can take a test & get a license (by the way, I just googled it & it looks like it costs upwards of $1400 to take the test, get the license, join the associations & meet the other requirements to simply be allowed to be a real estate agent).  Then you’ll still need to go get hired, or do it on your own.. Even if you are hired you are typically responsible for finding your own clients, even advertising fees- your only benefit is being able to use the name ‘Remax’ or ‘Coldwell’ on your business card.  THAT is it.  

So you pay, you study, you pass the test, you apply for jobs, you buy leads or use your sweat to find clients, you show houses, you pay to place ads… ALL without seeing a dime back until you sell a house.  THEN the firm you work for takes a cut- for letting you have their name on your business card, & maybe a little cubicle office space- though there might be a fee for that as well!  

(And just a little reminder- when you DO sell that house, after you give a chunk to your boss, the money you make for all that hard work gets paid to you ONE time, then it’s up to you and only you to find that next sale.)

I am not disparaging the Real Estate profession, or small businesses, or franchise opportunities.  They are viable business models.  And if you LOVE doing it- if you are called to do it- then great.  But if your goal is financial independence so that you can go DO the things you dream of, then I am here to tell you there is a better way.

In any traditional business, you HAVE to go all in.  You don’t say ‘well… I’ll spend money on employees after I prove this is gonna make me money…’

I was thinking about the commonly made comment about ‘well how many people REALLY make any money..?’  It is the same as college in one sense.  College costs loads of money, with no guarantee that you will earn more money with a degree or without.  It costs loads of money with no guarantee you’ll even get your degree!.  It is up to you to make the most of it.

The path to a degree is all laid out for you.  If you take these classes, apply yourself, do the work, study, & show up- you will get your degree.  But some people pay all that money & they never show up.  Some drop out.  Some take 12yrs to get their degree because they keep getting distracted or move really slowly or life happens.  And some go crazy & get their degree in a year & a half.  Anybody with half a brain CAN do it.  But not all will.  

But would you ever blame Stanford if your friend dropped out?   Would you think Stanford was a scam?  Of course not.  Because you grew up conditioned to believe College had value.  And it does.  But it is up to you to get that value.  It isn’t automatically bestowed upon you the moment your parents write a check!

I know you are going to college to get your business degree.  And I am so proud of you.  But I have heard it and seen it time & again.. Most of the people I know with business degrees who are also in Network Marketing say the education they got about real-life business while they were building their network marketing business was 10x more valuable than what they learned in school.  Many go on to build successful traditional businesses as well as their MLM business.

To make money in this world you either gotta get a job, have some skill or talent that people pay you for, MAKE or invent something that people want to buy, have a chunk of money to start a business…OR have a chunk of money to Invest… 

Do you know Jordan has invested hundreds of thousands in GOOD investment opportunities that went nowhere?  He gave someone $50k or more for one.. coulda been a good deal but the company went under.  No scam, just the way business goes.  He invested in a nightclub idea that never took off.  No scam, just didn’t work out.  But he continues to invest, because the odds are one of these will take off big & he can afford to lose that kind of money, risk that much for higher gain, BECAUSE of his Network Marketing business.  Does $500 still sound ridiculous to start a business?? 

A traditional business is usually so cost prohibitive for most people, that you end up having to take out loans & the added expense of interest on top of that.  So even though it’s your own business, you are typically indebted for years to someone else.  In that sense you can be running your own traditional business without being your own boss.  You quit or get sick or want to take a vacation, you still are on the hook for a large sum of money & labor.  

This can be a ‘good’ thing though… because once you decide to go down that path, you kinda gotta see it through.  Harder to just Quit because you had a hard week or a hard month.. or like some of us- got a couple of NO’s.  I’d venture to say the majority of small business owners have a hard week- every week.

Go ask your dad approximately how much it cost him to get his business going.. to build a prototype for his idea… to pay the lawyers, apply for patents, etc etc etc…  & how much he has PROFITED.
The building materials for his prototype alone probably cost him more than starting your network marketing business!

We offer a viable business opportunity with a viable product at a good price.  You don’t have to have lawyers or insurance to set this business up.  It’s been done & is being done ongoingly for you at corporate.  You don’t have to develop web pages or training tools & run them by the FCC to make sure they are in compliance.  You don’t have to buy MILLIONS of dollars worth of the best equipment for manufacturing or take out a loan.
You don’t have to hire employees… instead you get to work WITH people to help them reach their goals as you work to reach yours… You don’t have to risk hiring an employee that steals from you, or wastes your time and money by not being productive.  You don’t have to pay unemployment insurance when you fire that deadbeat employee or worry about getting sued.  You don’t have to stock product.  And if you get sick or fall off the face of the earth- you won’t go bankrupt like you would if any of that infrastructure was your responsibility to get started.

If a new rep signs up day one they risk somewhere around $500 … To have a business for life if he or she wants it.  They have to sign up all of about 5 people & train them- to be in the clear & ready for pure profit.  And there is no cap on their earnings, sky is the limit.  

And icing on the cake?.. Your $500, and countless other things you do now that you are an independent business owner are a tax write off (people estimate approx a $2k tax savings their first year signing up as a 1099- which we are)

This is an INCREDIBLE income opportunity my friend.  Someday I hope you can really see that.  For someone educated or not, connected or not, with many resources or not– with basically just their earnest physical labor & almost no Risk, one can produce monthly income that rivals what huge highly successful businesses take years & years to do.  

But because you CAN quit without your life falling apart– it’s an easy thing for people to never really commit the heart & soul required to make anything flourish.

I hope this doesn’t sound like me on a soapbox.  I really do know a lot about business & a lot about network marketing.  I have helped start & run traditional businesses, started my own right out of high school, been involved in THIS kind of business for 12yrs, & coached/consulted for business owners across the spectrum when I led programs for a personal development company.  The biggest hurdle for you to be massively successful with the business will be for you to see the value as much as I do.  Typically you will meet and attract people with the same concerns you have.  So when you truly see how much immense value someone gets for under $1000… you will see the results show up in your business.

You meet someone that sincerely believes they don’t have the money.  I tell them they can have this diamond worth $10,000 if they can find $500.. and I bet 98 out of 100 people that didn’t think they had the money, will find the money.  Because they see the value in trading $500 for the opportunity to make $10,000.

What’s RIDICULOUS is how little I had to work for the money I make in SendOutCards.  I am grateful, and I know it is because of my rock solid belief in the VALUE of this business.

I’ve seen you work hard.  All you need is the right Mindset.  ‘Hard work’ in this business IS the work of retraining your mind!  You do that, while adding consistent effort– a fraction of the 40, 50, 60 hours you put in week after week at your jobs, I might add- you WILL reach your goals.  It is that simple.