Internet Marketing and Social Media for 2011

Before we start, realize that a new year is your chance to reinvent yourself. Each year I celebrate my accomplishments and start with a clean slate. I set aside my doubts and fears.
I use the ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ strategy. Remember when you were done with you drawing you simply turn the etch-a-sketch’ upside down and shake! Do this with 2010 when you are done with it and start with a clean slate. Now draw out your life. What relationships would you like to clean up?
Who do you want to meet? Where do you want to travel? Who do you want to be? How much money do you want to make? What impact do you want to have on the world? What would you like to accomplish? How much fun will you have? Who will you hang out with? Where will you be living?
We all have areas in our lives that are working and other areas that are not. Figure out what you want and get it done in 2011! This is your shot at designing your dream life . . . you have the vehicle that can get your there.
If all of this seems really overwhelming (which it may), simple write down 3 things that you want to achieve in the first quarter of 2010. At the very least do this: Just write 3 things. If they are things to do, if possible, put them on your calendar. Typically until they are scheduled, they never happen. If you have a trip you want to take, schedule it. Consider that it’s not real until you put it into existence (on your calendar).
Imagine if you just write 3 important things to do in the next 90 days and you get them all done . . . and then just do that 3 more times, you will have accomplished 12 things this year that are really important to you.
Most of us look back at our year and say . . . ‘where did the year go?’ Most of us are like a buoy bouncing around at sea. We are at the mercy of the weather that day. If we want to live our dreams we must have a destination in mind. First set your destination and then set your course.
I think it’s important to have three things mapped out to have a complete plan:
1. Your 3 dreams to accomplish each quarter
2. Your ‘I am’ statements
3. A plan of action
Before I start I want to say that everything that I say is my opinion based on my personal experience. I am going to tell you how it is from my perspective. There are exceptions to everything I say here. AND . . . I’m not RIGHT. This is just the way that I have chosen to build my business. You can choose to follow it or not based on your own experiences.
You may not agree with me and that’s okay! You probably won’t convince me to do it another way but you are certainly free, as an independent business owner to do it your way.
Is it possible to find someone that has built a long-term self-sustaining residual income through buying or creating cold market internet leads? Yes, it’s possible, but they are hard to find. Most people that have built their businesses this way have found themselves having to continually rebuild over and over again. I’ll share my experiences with you.
1. Most of the top earners in network marketing did it the old fashioned way. They meet people and get to know them. They develop trust and mutual respect for each other. They share their business with the people that they know. They sponsor 1-4 people per month. They create opportunities for their ‘community’ to interact with each other through live events. Typically they don’t buy leads. Why?
a. People that work leads experience LOTS of rejection. Cold market is brutal.
Cold calling from even the most ‘qualified’ leads is the toughest way to build the business.
Even if you get really good at it, most others wont make 100 to 150 calls a day to leads and therefore your business becomes completely non-duplicatable. After getting ‘beat up’ by 10 or 15 people, most distributors will quit.
b. Good leads are expensive – Even if you have the money, the people you sponsor typically will not. It’s hard enough to get someone to part with $500 to start a business. Now imagine trying to get them to spend $200 to $600 PER MONTH to buy leads. Now think about getting your team to do the same thing.
Again . . . totally not duplicatable! AND the cheaper the leads, the more resistant they typically are to hearing what you have to say. They will hang up on you, cuss you out, report you to the telemarketing regulators, etc.
c. Working Internet leads take a HIGH level of skill. It’s an art form that takes years to perfect. It’s not like asking someone you know to take a look at a cool idea. You must practice scripts and get your timing down to a tee. You must be able to overcome objections, close hard and deal with lots of competition by other people that are calling the same leads. Again . . . most people will not do what it takes to master the skill of sponsoring Internet leads. I would never want to build my business this way. In fact I would probably quit in a week if this were required. It’s just not my bag to build in this way. AND it’s not duplicatable!
Please, please, please, . . . if you feel the need to ‘defend’ Internet leads, remember I’m just sharing my perspective.
Let me share a story with you from my last company.
As Ambassadors (the top position) in my last company, we were asked to call and congratulate the new SD’s (Senior Directors) on their promotion. An SD should take between 4-6 years to create and should be making no less than $40,000/mo. Once in awhile we would find an SD that would do it in 12-18 months. Sounds impressive. Usually when we called, we found out that our new SD was 18-25 years old and was making less than $2000 per month! When asked a few questions, we found out they were building by buying leads and ‘stacking’ their way to a promotion. So in other words they had a title and very little income. Usually they were very discouraged and on the verge of quitting. They were getting virtually no duplication for the reasons I shared earlier. I spoke with no less than 10 new SD’s that had built their businesses the way I just described using Internet leads. Most of them quit before ever getting to their 2nd year in the business because they believed they should be earning much more money than they were after achieving an SD title.
There are only a few things I want to say about Social Media . . .
1. It’s really fun and addicting – Imagine if you spend 1 hour a day on Facebook or Twitter. No big deal . . That’s only about 350 hours per year. Now what if your team does the same? Let’s say you have 100 people on your team that spend 1 hour a day . . . that’s 100 hours TODAY on facebook! How much business could be done with those 100 hours? 35,000 hours per year on facebook! Ouch! It’s addicting and it really doesn’t build the business.
2. Facebook and LinkedIn are extremely valuable for connecting with people from your past. I search for names of the people from my past all the time. Once I find them, I can look through their friends and find others that I haven’t spoken to in years. TIP: In your profile, leave great details about your past so that the system can ‘link’ you with others that have similar profiles. I NEVER TALK BUSINESS ON FACEBOOK. I keep it personal. Any business talk will be done ‘offline’. The quickest way to get people to remove you as a friend is to try and recruit on facebook. Use it to meet people and to reconnect with those you have lost touch with. Schedule a phone call and get re-acquainted. Get an address so you can send a card, but be very gentle about trying to recruit people before really re-establishing your relationship. My best advice is to ‘relax’ and let it happen naturally. LinkedIn is a much more professional site that links you to others in business.
3. Use Facebook to post quotes, have fun and post fun photos of your family, team etc. Show LIFESTYLE on Facebook. Let people have a ‘glimpse’ of your life. Keep it fun and positive. Don’t be a ‘Debbie Downer’. Be someone others will want to connect with.
4. Take business ‘offline’. You can post a personal message in the other person’s inbox, but again, do not ever try and recruit people through a post regardless of how tempting it may be. It’s obnoxious and it turns people away from you.
Have a Happy New Year! Let’s make 2011 the best one ever!

One thought on “Internet Marketing and Social Media for 2011

  1. Thank you Jordan, always look forward to your words of wisdom, and knowledge as to how to be successful in the world of networking….Looking forward to much success in 2011

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