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I have had a hard time getting other people interested in the business. I signed quite a few customers this last month but no distributors. I guess I am not the closer I need to be. I was a stay at home mom for 13 years and then missionaries in Venezuela for 15. The business world has been a bit scary for me. I have met some nice folks that are helping me get acclimated to the new world.
I took your challenge but had only 2 folks that have really expressed interest in the business. I emailed them when I did not get them on the phone.

Both have money struggles.

I have one distributor but I don’t think she is having much success though. I am trying to help her with the new year but she is pretty independent.

I want what you have. I just don’t know how to accomplish it. We too are out of any other work other than our part time jobs with our church. We plan to fund my husband’s work back in Venezuela again and also with an orphanage in Haiti. I want 2011 to be THE year for us.

Jane Doe


Hi Jane,

I totally understand how tough it can be. I was there not that many years ago. I struggled with 11 companies in 10 years and never made a penny. I was on the verge of bankruptcy for years. Removing your fear and doubt and replacing it with absolute certainty is such a big part of it. The response you get from people is simply a reflection of your level of KNOWING the outcome.

Closing is not the issue. It has little to do with closing (that’s why I don’t train on it). Closing is simply a natural step in the decision process when someone is ready to make a decision. I recommend working to be around more people that you can expose the business to and get really comfortable with getting to know them. They will join you if they like you and they trust you (and of course they must know what your business is).

Typically you can predict your future by the people you hang out with and associate with on a regular basis. I did notice that when I struggled, I was also around others that were struggling. I began to migrate and associate with others that had what I wanted. I looked for opportunities to network with and get to know people that were living the life I wanted to live . . . people that were more successful than myself. I also read books written by financially successful people.

The reason poverty tends to follow generations of families is because the ‘stories’ they tell over and over again predict their future. ‘The story in your mind becomes the story of your life’.

You must create a powerful and compelling story for yourself that OVERRIDES your doubt and fear.


3 thoughts on “Beach Money Response to an email

  1. Jordan… This is your cousin Debbie’s daughter Allison. I love what you said here about surrounding yourself with positive people. It really makes a huge impact on your own attitude and successes. Great post!

  2. Jordan your message is so very true. We must take captive those negative thoughts that run through our minds and replace them with thoughts of I CAN, I AM, I WILL and expect the rest to follow. Where the mind goes the man follows! At two separate events I attended last week I was picked as the winner of a gift card drawn at the end of the event. BOTH times I envisioned my name being called and believed I would win….and I did! BOTH TIMES!
    Read positive books, SAY positive things and as you said surround yourself with others who will lift you up and encourage you.

  3. Fantastic reading what you wrote -“The response you get from people is simply a reflection of your level of KNOWING the outcome. ”
    Law of attraction in action !

    Much admiration,

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