Questions from a Rep

What’s your guess on the minimum amount of time you’ve spent building rapport with someone before you actually invited them to take a look at your product?
– How about the maximum amount of time before you invited them?
– What’s your guesstimate, percentage-wise, that a person doesn’t keep your phone appointment with them?
– if a person doesn’t keep the phone appointment, do you leave a message and encourage them to call back to reschedule or…do you just sort them out for not keeping the appointment or…both?

Your questions are really relevant to what you are trying to achieve. It’s probably based on rapport but you must get out of “your world” and get into “their world”. It’s tough to answer these questions because each situation is different. You must learn to trust your gut and really “listen” to the verbal and non-verbal signs. Rapport has little to do with how much time it takes. Some people take a year and others are within seconds. Trust your gut. I sometimes leave messages and sometimes not. If I’m “done with them” I don’t leave a message, sometimes I’ll test them to see if they are open to looking and leave a message and ask them to call me back. If they don’t, I send them a card. Lots of time they do call back. They usually have a reason for not showing up and they are embarrassed about it.

Follow your instinct and if there is something “off”, then you know they will probably no show you. You’ll know if the appointment is rock solid.

You can also say, “I have a full schedule and I’m sure you are busy as well. I would expect that if something comes up and for some reason you can’t make it, you’ll call and let me know”. (Only say this if you feel like the appointment is a little weak).

Let me know how it goes,


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