Periodically your company will make announcements introducing new products. Each time an announcement is made in your company it’s like adding a button to a vending machine but only if you have a team of distributors and users using your products. If you want to truly capitalize on the wave of growth, you must continue to introduce your program to new people. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have one vending machine and you introduce a new product.
You put a new button on the machine and start selling one of that product each day (which you weren’t selling before because it didn’t exist). You have one machine and therefore you have just increased your sales by 30 per month.

Now let’s say you have 300 machines out there and the same product gets launched. You add a button on each machine and sell one a day from each machine. By adding that one button you have increased your sales by 9000 per month (300 machines X 30 sales per month) vs just 30 per month. you gain the ‘leverage’ of having multiple machines. Network marketing offers you the same leverage through people. The more people you have as customers and distributors the bigger your leverage. New announcements give you a real opportunity to maximize leverage as you build your business.

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