Article By Richard Brooke

Catching Fire with the World’s Greatest Networkers
Posted By: Richard B. Brooke
Date Posted: April 27, 2011
I’ve been fortunate to work on a lot of great projects, and I’ve got to tell you about one of the best. In the new Audio Interviews with the Greatest Networkers, I join 20 of world’s most successful Network Marketers to prove that Network Marketing really is the single greatest income opportunity in the world.

Everyone in this project is a “catch-fire” leader: when you’re around them, listening to them, and learning from them, you can’t help to catch their fire. Their spark is contagious, and they help you grow.

You can imagine the power of a tool like that, especially if you’re just starting out or if you’re looking for a way to revitalize your outlook and approach. It’s a wake-up call that will completely change your strategies and focus.

John Fogg is leading the project, and he’s put together the true stories of ordinary people who became millionaires in Network Marketing, and their stories show you exactly how they did it.

One of the great things about John’s project is that it comes in an audio format. He’ll publish a book soon, too, but having the interviews in mp3 format makes all the difference. You can listen to them in the car, at home, while you’re working out—anywhere at all.

“There’s an old saying, ‘Repetition creates assimilation.’ Simply put, when you hear something over and over and over again, it sinks in. Becomes part of you. You get it—and you don’t just ‘get it’ in your conscious mind. You get it in your brain and your body. And that’s when you own it. Their experience and knowledge becomes your experience and knowledge. It’s a powerful scientific fact.”
– John Fogg, editor for The Greatest Networkers in the World project

Now I’ve known many of these people for years, and you probably have, too, but I’ve never heard them speak like this. I could tell you about it, but the real test is what you think when you hear them for yourself.

Take a look at the Greatest Networkers website, and check out the free audio sampler. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll find yourself turning to these interviews again and again and again.

Richard Brooke

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