“No Money”.

When I signed up EVERYONE said there was “no money” in it. I saw the money and proved that there was. Many others signed up, because they saw money in it too. Then, when some of them didn’t make money, they had proof that there was “no money” in it and they even told others that. Death sentence for them. I proved that there is money in it and they proved that there is not. The truth is, there is “no money” in any program. Money comes along as a result of leadership and the legitimate customer volume you create through the distributors in your organization. As soon as you treat it like a lottery, it becomes a pyramid. You CREATE your future. Your business lives and dies by your hand. Any company that promises money or success because you signed up, is a lottery. The fact is; there is no money in every program and there is a fortune in every program. You choose.

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