The Mountain Doesn’t Care!


Back my early days of flying hang gliders I adopted a saying, “The mountain doesn’t care”, after a friend of mine crashed his glider and almost died. He had been flying for years and was beginning to feel invincible. He tried to launch off the mountain with a tailwind, which is nearly impossible. He went into an immediate stall and crashed on the side of the mountain. He had to be airlifted off the mountain and fortunately he survived, at the cost of sustaining severe injuries.
“The mountain doesn’t care.” It’s a mountain and there are certain laws you must follow to fly safely. Each pilot gets treated equally by the mountain.

One of the things I love about network marketing is that everyone gets treated equally. We all play by the same set of rules and in our case, “The computer doesn’t care.” Each week a virtual “snapshot” is taken and a check is sent to the address attached to the ID# that coincides with that account activity. The check amount is based the activity of your account. The computer doesn’t look at the color of your skin, your muscle tone, your age, how much hair you have (or don’t have) or whether you have a college degree. It’s a level playing field! In fact, the only difference between $1,000 a month and $10,000 a month is one zero. It’s simply numbers. Network Marketing is the great equalizer!

I had someone with 5,000 distributors on his team come to me upset because he wasn’t earning what I’m earning in the business. If I had 5,000 distributors, I would be making what he is making. The numbers are the numbers. If I want to earn 10 times as much as I’m earning now, I’ll need to increase my volume by 10X (which means I’ll need to increase my distributor count to reflect my desire). It’s a very simple formula.

You can stand on the mountain all day long and yell, “It’s not fair”. The mountain doesn’t care.
There are laws to follow. If you can crack the simple code, then you’ll get to play in the game at whatever level you choose. If you break the laws on the mountain, you can die or get seriously injured. At the least, you won’t have an enjoyable flight at all. In our business, you won’t die but your excuses won’t pay the bills! For example, saying “I don’t know anyone” is implying that somehow the people that make money have some magical advantage over you. Like they miraculously were born knowing a lot of people!

The people making a significant residual check don’t have a magic wand or pixie dust that they wave over others. They are just like you! In fact, their stories and backgrounds are so varied that it’s nearly impossible to say that one type of person is more likely to succeed than another. The computer system is simply a measuring device that evaluates a bunch of data to determine how much money your faceless ID# is to receive.

So, how do you get a bigger check? Find people that will get a few customers and teach them to do the same. Each person only needs a few to qualify. We find people by sorting. Make a list. Do this over and over.

ALL of us are playing in the same sandbox. In fact, if you will replicate what I have done, your company will send YOU checks of over $100,000 a month. I have not been ordained to receive big checks. I have many friends in many other companies that have done the same thing. We are all very different! Sarah Robbins is a pretty, young, married woman in her 20′s that had never done network marketing. Donna Johnson was a single mom when she reached the pinnacle of her success making six figures a month. I’m about as different from Randy Gage as they come. We are great friends, we both understand the fundamental rules to the game but, our lifestyles are nothing alike. Phillip Eckart and Simon Aboud are both six figure earners and I don’t have much in common with either of them other than we all love network marketing. These people are not extra lucky. We have all paid dues.

So here are some things that I hear people say that keep them from having what they say they want in the business:

“I don’t have what it takes to do this.” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!
“I don’t know anyone.” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!
“I’m too young.” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!
“You need money to make money.” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!
“The people in my town are different!” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!


“I don’t have to wonder if I’m being paid less or being held back from a promotion simply because I’m female. Nor am I worried about being laid off or not taken seriously because I need flextime to take care of my family. The computer doesn’t care!!” Thank goodness!!


It doesn’t matter where in the world we go. People are people. People need appreciation and love.
People crave freedom and lifestyle. People want more money to do the things they are passionate about.
Here’s an example of someone that doesn’t get it. I received a Facebook message yesterday from a guy that I haven’t heard from in 3 years. I can’t even remember the last time I received a phone call, card or message from this guy. Then out of the blue, I get a message in my FB inbox asking me to take a look at something that he is doing. This is an example of someone that wants something from me but at the same time has not made effort, even once, to contribute to my life in any way. How can he expect me to want to consider his proposal if he hasn’t reached out to me in 3 years? There are takers and there are givers. Givers have the world at their fingertips. Become a giver in all aspects of your life and you will be blessed with an abundance of people that want to hear what you have going on in your life!

Here are just a few things you can do to align yourself with the rules to play this game successfully:

1. Be likable and agreeable. People love to be around likable and agreeable people.
2. Don’t push. If someone is not interested, then keep the doors open for them to join you sometime in the future.
3. Get permission to show someone the business first. Ask, “Would it be okay if I showed you something that you may like?”
4. Get passionate about our mission. Become a true warrior for kindness and appreciation.
5. Give to give.
6. Love people.
7. Dream big and help others to dream big.
8. Push yourself to do a little more.
9. Get a little competitive.
10. Grow and keep a LONG list.
11. Meet new people every day.
12. Freely compliment others.
13. Stay in touch; place a call, send a card, send a message, etc. regularly so that others know you are still around and that you care.
14. Schedule time to get together with your friends and connections on a regular basis.
15. Get personal with the members of your team.
16. Stop chasing people. Work with the few that are working.
17. Be friendly.
18. Schedule appointments/meetings on your calendar, (phone appointments, in-person appointments, individual and group).
19. Present your business daily.
Remember, “The Mountain Doesn’t Care”. Any excuse you give to not do these things is just a reason why you probably won’t get what you want out of the business. When you find yourself rationalizing and coming up with reasons not to do these things say to yourself, “The Mountain Doesn’t Care!


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