Venice Beach Party

On Saturday October 25, 2008 we celebrated another Beach Money Event.  About 35 individuals purchased 30 or more copies of Beach Money and were invited to an exclusive party on the rooftop of the Venice Beach Suites.  We ate and socialized and watched a beautiful sunset.  Here are some pictures of that day.

Beach Money Testimonial

“So I’m at a Board of Trade event promoting my book when, from
across a crowded room, I see a woman holding a copy of a book
Beach Money. The cover has a guy with his feet up working (not so
much…) at the beach. An hour later, I’m clutching my own copy. I
devoured the book a few hours later and then stuck it on my
bookshelf face out, just to look at it.

I coach entrepreneurs to stand out and get noticed in a noisy
marketplace so people will buy their stuff. The first step in this
process is to figure out what you’re really selling. Jordan Adler
knows what he’s selling. Where do I sign?

In a thousand years I never would have picked up a book about
network marketing much less recommend one. But this guy gets that
what we’re all really looking for is freedom, lifestyle, and I
gotta say, he sells it well. I’ve had a lot of clients come to me
telling me they’re selling the best vitamin known to man, the face
cream that’ll make a 95 year old look 22… Adler takes us through
years of failure trying to move product to the rush of success
once he figured out what he was really selling. He gives just
enough detail to make it real but not so much it gets in the way
of the message. And he never tries to sell us on his current

Whether you’re interested in networking marketing or not, this
book will inspire you to dream.”



Hi Jordan,
I posted a review of your book, Beach Money, on my blog,
I think you\’ll like it. You may also want to check out my book
Step Into The Spotlight! (It\’s endorsed not only by Ivan Misner
but Tom Peters, Les Brown etc.) It\’ll help your peeps attract
more card senders.

Beach Money Community!

A message from the author:

Jordan here! Thanks for reading and helping me to promote ‘Beach Money’. It’s been a hit and I have to thank YOU for it! My goal is to donate 6 million $$(1 million books) to over the next few years and help hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world start business and contribute to their local economies. Please check out the site





1 KEY LEG – Free Car

2 KEY LEGS – Free House

3 KEY LEGS – Replace Job Income

4 KEY LEGS – Financial Freedom

5 KEY LEGS – True Beach Money


A key leg is a leg that will grow without you because it consists of at least 4 ‘Key People’ (A, B, C, D).


A key person is someone that does all 3 of the following:


a. They call you (with questions or just to share their excitement

b. They show up (for Conference Calls, Events and Conventions)

c. They do something! (presentations, sign up customers, distributors, etc)


When someone is doing all 3 of these things and you don’t have to chase them or remind them, you have a ‘key person’. You might ask . . . “I have 15 people in my group and none of them are doing all three things. What should I do?”


ANSWER: Find and sponsor more people until you find a ‘Key Person’ to start with.


Typically it can take 90 days and up to a year to develop one key leg.




1. Find a ‘Key Person’ – Just because you sponsor someone that is excited or well connected does not mean you have a ‘Key Person’! I can’t over-emphasize this. A key person must be doing the 3 things listed about to be called a ‘Key Person’.


When you find one, they will be your ‘A’ Key Person. Your job then becomes to help them find their ‘A’ Key Person which will be your ‘B’ Key person. You might have to work with them to help them bring in 2, 3, 4 or more people to help them find their ‘A’ Key Person. How will you know? They start doing 3 things:


a. They call you

b. They show up

c. They are doing something!


Its interesting, because typically an ‘A’ Key Person doesn’t need your help, but they are the one you will be working with most often.


After you help your new ‘A’ Key Person find their new ‘A’ Key Person (your ‘B’ Key Person), you, together will now help them find their ‘A’ Key Person which becomes your ‘C’ Key Person and so on.


You help your new Key People by doing 3 way calls with their potential distributors to do presentations, answer questions and assist with the sign up and training process. You work in small teams with your other ‘Key People’ as they come onboard and make themselves known.


Your goal is to build this, 4 levels deep with an ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’. All of these people are Key People all working together. You now have a ‘Key Leg’. This can happen quickly or it could take as long as a year. You can walk away from a ‘Key Leg’ and it will continue to grow without you because it consists of at least 4 ‘Key People’.


As you develop your team over time, you will see these ‘Key Leg’s emerge that will go 20, 30 or even 50 levels deep. Key Leg’s build on themselves and create momentum. Again, 1 Key Leg and you’ll have a free car because your car payment and all expenses will be covered by the income from that leg.


When you have your second Key Leg built you will have a free house because your house payment and all expenses will be covered by that leg.


When you have your third Key Leg built you will have job replacement income and you can work from home without the shackles of a boss.


When you have your fourth Key Leg built you will have financial freedom which provides you with discretionary income for investing, education, vacations, etc.


When you have your fifth Key Leg built you have attained true beach money (Typically a consistent 5-6 figure monthly residual income)


*Remember, it’s not up to you to identify a key person. It’s up to THEM! They will identify themselves by doing the 3 things we talked about earlier:


a. They call you

b. They show up

c. They do something


See you on the Beach!


Your friend,




Cruise to the Bahamas

Being a superstar like Jordan, you get invited to participate in all kinds of great things!  Over the weekend of March 14-18 we were lucky enough to be a part of the 1st Annual Sendoutcards promotional cruise to the Bahamas.  (If Jordan’s readers hadn’t figured it out yet, I have the coolest job in the world!)  We snorkled at Cococay, and shopped in Nassau.  Thank you to Kody Bateman and his assistant Leann McFalls for making this memorable weekend possible!